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Scheduling Policies  

Events Policy (Student Affairs)

Please note some of the policies are currently being updated to comply with campus standards. Please confirm policy with Highlander Event Scheduling before moving forward with event plans.

Policies for the extracurricular use of University of California, Riverside facilities and grounds have been developed to prevent disruption of the mission of the university, particularly academic instruction, research and creative activity, and to protect campus safety and security. All extracurricular use must have a designated university guarantor.



Extracurricular Use Defined

Extracurricular facility use is defined as use of a university facility, including campus open space areas, for an event or activity or series of events or activities promoted and/or coordinated by a university or non-university group or groups that is not part of or defined as academic instruction, or an activity or event which does not carry academic credit.

Designated Guarantor Defined

A university guarantor is that entity which bears financial, legal and procedural responsibility for all university costs, liabilities, and commitments related to the extracurricular usage. A university guarantor may be a university unit or department, registered student organization or it may be an entity that is external to the university.

Use of University Facilities

A wide variety of campus buildings and other facilities are available for extracurricular use by students, faculty, staff, and campus guests, provided this use does not interfere with the functions of the University.  Reasonable restrictions include, but are not limited to, size and duration of the event, sound level, food and/or beverage, security, ticketing, environmental health and safety standards, publicity, insurance, facility rental requirements, and potential for damage.

First priority is given to the campus community, after which non academic university related activities such as summer conference programs, auxiliary organizations and clubs and then to the public on a first-come first-served basis. 

Special Event Procedures

The approval process is initiated by the Event Sponsor through the completion and submittal of a request through the Facilitys Events Management System. An event request must be submitted at least seven days prior to the event date.  Requests received with less than seven days notice require the approval of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs through the AVC/Dean of Students.  Submitted requests shall be reviewed by appropriate University officials and ultimately approved or declined by the appropriate Facility Event Manager. Event approval, including specific conditions of approval, or event denial will in most cases be granted in writing within five (5) business days from the date the request is received.   Events with an anticipated audience of over 100 or ones with multiple risk factors will take more time to approve.  Event Sponsors should plan the timing of their request accordingly.  All requests are presumed to be tentative unless a written confirmation is provided to the Event Sponsor.

The UC Police, Environmental Health & Safety departments, and the respective Facility Event Manager shall be informed of public events planned for all University locations.   Should such notification of public events not be made with time to fully evaluate the event, UC Police, Environmental Health & Safety, or the respective Facility Event Manager may deny approval for the event. The Event Sponsor shall fully describe the nature and scope of the event.  Event details that develop after the approval which alter the original approved scope may result in additional requirements or the withdrawal of the approval.  The Event Sponsor may not advertise the event until after the appropriate approvals are obtained.

Major Event Planning Review Committee

A Major Event Planning Review Committee exists to preview potentially challenging public events, review public events that have experienced difficulties or unsuccessful outcomes, to hear sponsors' appeals regarding public events, and make recommendations on events. This committee does not replace the appeals processes that exist for specific venues. This core review board shall consist of:

  • HUB Director
  • Student Recreation Center Director
  • AVC for Housing, Dining & Residential Services
  • AVC/Dean of Students
  • Campus Fire Marshall
  • University Police
  • Director of Risk Management

Additional members [as needed depending on event\ from the following departments:

  • Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Transportation and Parking Services
  • Physical Plant/Grounds
  • Strategic Communications
  • Dining Services

Event Sponsors with requests that require approval from the Major Event Planning Review Committee will present their plan and respond to questions and concerns from the board. For events with multiple risk factors or with an anticipated audience of over 100, sponsors are encouraged to request a preplanning assessment early in the planning process to help identify potential issues.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

University classrooms and auditoriums are available for use, subject to availability. Rooms must be reserved at least two weeks in advance and are not available the first two weeks of each quarter. No rooms are available during final examination periods and Commencement weekend. Food and drink are not permitted in classroom facilities at any time and the sponsoring group must clean and restore the room to its original condition. All space assigned in academic rooms for non-academic use is subject to bumping or reassignment based on academic needs.

Academic Facilities

Classroom reservations are made through Highlander Event Scheduling.

Commons Events Scheduling

Student Affaires Facilities

The following facilities operate under this policy including their specific use policies and procedures:

Specialized Facilities

The following facilities operate under separate facility use policies, procedure and fees. Contact each facility directly for information:

Use of Campus Outdoor Space

Reservation for use of campus outdoor space is necessary to ensure safety, security, and order and to minimize competition for space. Not all outside space on the campus is programmable and events or activities are not permitted in unauthorized areas. Specific restrictions apply in many areas. The advance approval of UCR Grounds may be required and some areas may require restorative periods following major events or in preparation for Commencement and are not available. Event organizers are responsible for arranging for clean up and are liable for any damage that may occur.

In general outside events are limited to the following spaces:

  • Aberdeen &Inverness Knoll
  • Bell Tower Mall
  • Highlander Plaza
  • HUB/Commons Lawn
  • Pierce Lawn
  • Rivera Lawn
  • Recreation Center Lawn and Walkways

The following areas require additional approvals:

  • Flag Pole lawns
  • Hinderaker Plaza
  • Olmstead Plaza
  • Picnic Hill
  • Rivera Library Arches
  • Sports Complex
  • Student Services Building Lawns

Other building exterior spaces including courtyards and patios may be reserved pending an approved policy exception.

Reservation Process

Reservations for use of campus outdoor space are made through Highlander Event Scheduling

Commons Events Scheduling

Reservations for use of Student Recreation Center outdoor space are made through the Student Recreation Center.  Specific use policies apply.


Tables and Structures

Tables, tents and canopies used in campus outdoor space must not block fire lanes and placement is subject to space availability.  Staking is not permitted in any campus lawn without specific Grounds approval.  Large tents and structures require the advance approval of Grounds, Risk Management and the Campus Fire Marshall. 

Amplified Sound

All programs or activities utilizing high impact sound (including amplified sound, percussive acoustical music or all-audience vocal participation) must obtain specific approval in advance.  Amplified sound is allowed between the hours of noon and 1:00 p.m. and is restricted to the Bell Tower, Speakers Mound and designated areas in the HUB. An exception for additional locations and time periods may be approved by the AVC/ Dean of Students office.


Camping or Overnight Events

Camping or overnight events are not permitted.

General Provisions

Alcohol Sale, Service, and Consumption on Campus


The appropriate Vice Chancellor approvals for alcohol are required.

Commercial Activity


Distribution of Printed Materials

Distribution of circulars, books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, or similar published materials is not allowed if the material is for sale in the UCR Campus Store.  Additionally, the material may not contain false, misleading, or illegal claims; violate applicable laws pertaining to obscene matter; or consist of term papers, theses, or other written materials which may be submitted for academic credit.

Event Scheduling Deadlines

Simple meetings with no additional elements such as guest speakers, off campus attendees, security needs, etc. must be scheduled no later than seven days (not including the day of the event) prior to the event.

More substantial events that have some additional criteria for event approval from the venue or from other university offices including:  Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety, UC Police, Grounds, etc. must be scheduled no later than 10 working days (not including the day of the event)  prior to the event.  Major or complex events will take more time to approve and event planners should begin planning as far in advance as possible.

Once a room request is received the Facility Event Manager will provide approval or request additional information.  Information requests will contain a deadline for the return of all requested information.  A second final request will be sent upon the expiration of the request deadline should the required information not be received.   Second notices must be fully responded to within 24 hours.  Events will be cancelled when event planners have not fulfilled the requirements indicated in the original and second information requests.

Film Screenings

Event organizers planning film screenings on campus must provide proof that they have obtained permission to show the material.  Most University spaces (classroom, lounge, or common area at the University) are considered public spaces, and showing the movie in these areas is equivalent to showing them in a theater.  Movie rentals are intended for personal use, renting them does not provide the permission needed to have a public showing in which any audience is invited.

Most "mainstream” films that are distributed for non-commercial use (which is what most campus showings would be) come from one of two main distributors:

The UCR Libraries may already have permission to show the film.  If the film you would like to show is one the library has already purchased rights to, you can show the film without obtaining additional permission. To determine whether the library has public performance rights for the film youd like to show, please contact the Media Library.


Film Shoots

Film Shoots are permitted on campus only with a reservation and advance notice and approval of University Strategic Communications. 

Film Shoots by Student Organizations must receive the advance approval of Student Life.


Any food served at events that is not provided by Campus Catering must be in compliance with university food service regulations including cooking equipment regulations issued by the campus Fire Marshal.  All UCR students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must obtain a temporary Food Permit whenever food or beverage is distributed or sold to the public on campus. The use of outside caterers must be approved by Campus Catering.  Only pre-approved caterers may be hired to provide on-campus services to UCR staff and students.

Charcoal barbeques or similar barbequing equipment are not permitted in university outdoor venues.  Propane barbeque equipment must be approved in advance and comply with fire code regulations.

Public Assembly and Expression:  Time, Place, and Manner

The right of discussion and expression of all views is a basic principle within the University.  The University willingly serves as a prominent public venue for the open and free exchange of ideas and supports students right to protest with the understanding that the safety of individuals, the protection of property, and the continuation of the academic process without interference are of paramount importance.

Existing campus policies and procedures are designed to ensure a supportive and safe environment for all members of the UCR community, including those who may express conflicting or dissenting views.  Policies applicable to protest and demonstration are posted on the AVC/Dean of Students website at:


Student leaders are encouraged to consult with the Dean of Students and the UC Police in planning demonstration and protest events to ensure that the events are successful and accomplish their goals in a mutually agreeable manner.  Students and/or student organizations who elect to ignore or violate University policies and expectations will be subject to applicable campus/administrative and or legal/criminal sanctions.

Any activity that is pre-advertised, requires sound amplification, or can reasonably be expected to attract a crowd of 25 or more, must be scheduled in advance through the Highlander Event Scheduling office and is limited to the Bell Tower or Speaker's Mound area.


All events must comply with campus insurance requirements.  General Liability insurance is required for events held on the campus.  Levels of insurance coverage required may vary depending on the complexity or risk involved.  Most departmental activities are covered by the university.  All registered student organizations holding any type of event on campus must carry General Liability insurance.   Registered student organizations may be eligible for the event liability insurance program offered through UCOP.  Student organizations carrying insurance through their parent organizations must provide a certificate of insurance.  Facility Event Managers will provide specific insurance requirements during the planning process.

More information regarding student organizations insurance may be found at:


Parking and Vehicles on Campus

Access to parking and permission to drive vehicles on campus is coordinated through the Transportation and Parking Services. 


Publicity of Events

Campus events may not be publicized until the event itself has been approved by the university.  All publicity of events must contain the name of the sponsoring organization and admission charge (if any) for the event and must comply with the campus posting policy.  Publicity may not emphasize the availability of alcoholic beverages. See Campus Posting Policy and Alcohol Policy for more information.

Posting Policy


Alcohol Policy



The number of security personnel needed varies with the event and is determined by the University Police Department. All University Police Department services will be billed directly to the user. Facility Events Staff may determine additional staffing is necessary to control entrance/exit points and room capacities.   Cost of security is borne by the event sponsors. The following criteria are used by the University Police Department to determine staffing requirements for special events:


Guidelines for Determining Security, Safety, and Liability Needs

The University requires that proper measures be taken to provide for the safety of participants/attendees at all university programs and events on a content-neutral basis.  The UC Police, Director of Risk Management, Campus Fire Marshall, the appropriate Facility Event Manager and other relevant University officials will evaluate public events on an individual basis. The following criteria will be used to determine needs:

  • Time and date of the event.
  • Estimate of the attendance/size of the anticipated audience or participants (provided by Event Sponsor) and crowd control plans.
  • Age of the people attending the public event.
  • Open to the public or only open to University students, faculty and staff.
  • Presence of valuable property or large sums of money.
  • Speaker or Performer's past history with public events and the type/composition of crowd expected.
  • Event Sponsor's past history in sponsoring public events.
  • Number of Event Sponsor personnel working at the public event.
  • Number, experience, and function of University personnel (exclusive of UC Police and EH&S) available to staff the public event.
  • Attendance (By invitation only; Admission charged or tickets sold at the door; Free; Advance Tickets to be issued or sold). Advertising on or off campus.
  • Information indicating potential disruptions such as opposing group protests or special public safety considerations.
  • Presence of alcoholic beverages at the public event.
  • Nature and intended use of facility.
  • Special effects, noise levels, or pyrotechnics.
  • The type of seating (festival, reserved, etc.) may complicate the Event Sponsor's ability to provide adequate security in certain UCR venues.  Due to audience safety concerns, events proposing festival seating will be carefully reviewed to ensure that appropriate safeguards are used.

Event Intervention

The Facility Event Manager, the UC Police, Environmental Health and Safety or other University Officials may halt an activity, prevent a public event from starting or continuing or limit access to the event if either a credible threat to life or property arises or a serious violation of University policy occurs.

To the extent possible, University Officials will endeavor to notify the Event Sponsor of credible threats to life and/or property or violations of University policy before taking action and, if time and circumstances permit, provide the Event Sponsor with the opportunity to correct any deficiencies. Actions by Facility Event Managers, UC Police and Environmental Health & Safety shall be reasonable with respect to the public event.


Event Sponsors

The Event Sponsor is responsible for planning and implementing the public event and for coordinating all plans with their Facility Event Manager.  Sponsors assume all financial, administrative, and potential legal responsibilities including obtaining all required approvals. They are responsible for compliance with all University Policies including:  use of facilities, use/sale of alcohol, presentation of public events including use of reasonable measures to ensure adequate crowd control, and security for all affected facilities.  Sponsors are responsible for all expenses.  Sponsors are responsible for informing their guests of all applicable university policies and are accountable for the actions of their guests.

Event Sponsors are responsible for notifying their assigned Facility Event Manager, UC Police, and Environmental Health & Safety within one (1) business day when any unforeseen or substantial change to the event has been made.  Notifications not made within the appropriate time may subject the event to delay or cancellation. Changes to the planned event must be approved by the University Police, Environmental Health & Safety, and the Facility Manager with appropriate consultation of the respective Vice Chancellor as necessary.

Event Sponsors are responsible for working with their Facility Event Manager and other campus officials to anticipate potential problems and for developing contingency plans to prevent or halt any dangerous activity that may arise. Event Sponsors are responsible for assisting University Officials in stopping any dangerous activity or, in consultation with UC Police, Environmental Health and Safety officials or the Facility Manager, to close the public event when conditions warrant or as deemed necessary.

Event Sponsors are responsible for imposing age restrictions and use of UCR identification requirements when deemed necessary by UC Police, Environmental Health & Safety, the Facility Manager or other appropriate parties.

Facility Event Manager

The Facility Event Manager is responsible for approving or disapproving each event requested by the Event Sponsor in accordance with University policies and the guidelines established by the governing board for each facility. For events with multiple risk factors or ones with one hundred (100) or more persons in attendance, the Event Manager shall, in conjunction with the event sponsor, University Police, and Environmental Health and Safety, determine equipment and staffing needs, requirements for use of specified areas, event scheduling, facility suitability, and appropriate use of the facility.

Non-Compliance and Accountability Process

Alleged violations of the Event Scheduling Policies regardless of venue by a Registered Student Organization will be referred to the Office of Student Life for adjudication.  Alleged violations by Fraternities or Sorority organizations may additionally be referred to their respective Councils.  Alleged violations by individual students will be referred to Student Conduct and Integrity Programs. Alleged violations committed by Fraternities or Sorority organizations will be referred to Fraternity/Sorority Involvement Center or their respective Councils.  The extent and terms of any disciplinary action will depend upon the nature and severity of the infraction as well as any history of previous violations. Student organizations must be in "good standing" to maintain their registration status.

Use of the Highlander Union Facilities

The Highlander Union (HUB) facilities and grounds may be scheduled by registered student organizations, campus departments, off-campus groups and individuals for non-academic purposes through the Highlander Event Scheduling office on a first come, first served basis.  As a Student Center Fee funded facility, students are given first priority followed by campus departments and then the community in scheduling spaces in the HUB.  It is the responsibility of the Event Sponsor to ensure that any activity complies with all University regulations and policies, as well as any Federal, State and Local statutes. The University reserves the right to prohibit any event that may involve potential personal liability, illegal activity, property damage, or campus/community disruption.

Use of all HUB facilities, Campus Grounds or Academic Classrooms may be scheduled by contacting the Highlander Event Scheduling office.

Commons Event Scheduling  or 951-827-3215.

Academic Classes

HUB facilities are not intended to be used for instructional purposes. Academic classes (Regular or Extension) may not be scheduled in the HUB without approval of HUB Administration and the Highlander Union Board of Governors.


Requests for exceptions to the HUB event policy are reviewed by the Highlander Union Director in consultation with university administration.  Appeals of HUB policies or decisions are reviewed by Highlander Union Board of Governors. Appeals of Highlander Union Board of Governors' decisions are reviewed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or his/her designee.

Conditions and Restrictions

Doors and hallways may not be blocked with chairs or other equipment.  The use of candles, heating devices or flammable materials is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Campus Fire Marshal.  Smoking is prohibited in all University facilities including HUB exterior patios and balconies.  Food may not be prepared or cooked in HUB meeting rooms or lounges.

Custodial Services

HUB Event Scheduling will determine if an event will require additional custodial services to be provided and paid for by the Event Sponsor.  Clean-up of trash, decorations, etc, is the responsibility of the user. If it is determined by HUB Administration that a facility, the furnishings or surrounding area has been defaced or broken, a clean-up/repair and replacement charge will be assessed to the Event Sponsor.


Event Sponsors must coordinate decorating with the HUB Event staff in advance.  Tape, tacks, nails, etc, are not allowed on any glass or painted surface in any of the HUB facilities. Paint, permanent markers, glitter, sand, dirt or any items not easily cleaned are prohibited.   Any adhering of decorations to surfaces must be done with blue painters tape.

Parking and Vehicles

HUB equipment deliveries and pick ups may only be accessed by the north service road.  Vehicular traffic is only permitted as far as the pedestrian bridge.  Vehicles are not permitted in the Highlander Plaza and may not access the plaza from the western (Costo Hall) entrance.  Vehicles may not park in any HUB location.  All vehicles must be moved once loading is completed and parked in designated parking lot.  All TAPS policies apply.  Depending on the time of day of deliveries, a TAPS escort may be required.


Students receive priority when scheduling space in the HUB followed by campus departments and the public at large.  Registered student organizations may schedule events any time during the academic year. Student Organizations that have re-registered with Student Life may book events beginning July 1st for the following academic year.  Departments may schedule events at the beginning of the prior quarter.  Events scheduled by off campus groups are subject to availability.


Room rental rates are determined by the Highlander Union Board of Governors and reviewed annually.  Room rental rates are waived for registered student organizations and departments under the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for programs intended primarily for a student audience, however, other fees may apply.   Campus departments and off campus groups are responsible for room rental and other applicable charges.

Large events that utilize multiple spaces in the HUB may be required to pay a deposit equal to 25% of the room rental which becomes nonrefundable 30 business days prior to the event.

Any university event organizers that cancel an event less than five business days before the event date will be charged a fee equal to one-half of the room rental rates.   Off campus organizers will be charged the full room rental.


HUB Events staff presence is required for events scheduled in the HUB if the function is scheduled for any time other than the regular hours of operation. The number of staff required may vary depending on the nature of the event scheduled. Cost of additional staff if necessary is borne by the event sponsors.

Highlander Union Space Specific Guidelines

Highlander Plaza

The Highlander Plaza may be used for campus events.   The following restrictions apply:

Events that occur during the week Monday-Friday may not begin before 4:00 pm and must conclude by 10:00 pm.  Saturday events may begin at 8:00 am and must conclude by 12:00 am.  Only one event per Saturday can be accommodated.  Events in the Plaza are not permitted on Sundays. 

Events may close the plaza to non-participants, but must leave access to the building lobbies for other events that may be occurring in the building.  Organizers should be aware that other events and activities may be happening in other parts of the campus core which could provide potential interruptions.  Events may not block pedestrian access to the Costo stairs or to the elevator lobby. 

Equipment deliveries, set up, sound checks, etc, must be coordinated with HUB Events Staff and should be designed for minimal impact to the general daily use of the Plaza.

Plaza furniture may be used "as is” for events.  Events that require the full removal of the plaza furniture are only permitted on Saturdays.  Furniture will be removed Friday night and returned Sunday.  Limited furniture movement or removal is possible for weeknight events.    Furniture may not be moved by event organizers.  Hourly set up rates apply.

Catering as part of the event is permitted in the plaza including light cooking and barbeques.  The concrete must be protected from food and grease spills under all cooking areas.

Food may not be sold in the plaza.  Food sales are approved for the upper mall and in the Bell Tower areas only.

HUB Second Floor Terrace and Upper Costo Plaza

The second floor terrace and upper Costo Plaza may be reserved with special approval by HUB administration for small receptions and events.  Events may not block pedestrian access to offices and other public spaces.  The furniture may be used "as is” for events.  Events that require the full removal of the terrace/plaza furniture are only permitted on Saturdays.  Furniture will be removed Friday night and returned Sunday.  Limited furniture movement or removal is possible for weeknight events.    Furniture may not be moved by event organizers.  Hourly set up rates apply.  Dances or events that require large or heavy equipment are not permitted on the terrace.  Electricity is not available for Terrace events.

Latitude Fifty-Five

Due to pending renovations, Latitude Fifty-Five is currently not available for reservations.

Upper Mall

The upper mall between the Bell Tower and the Campus Store may be reserved for various campus activities including food and vendor sales, information tables and club activities.  The entire mall may be reserved for major campus events.  Events may close the mall to non-participants, but access to the adjacent buildings may not be hindered during normal hours of operation.  Organizers should be aware that other events and activities may be happening in other parts of the campus core which could provide potential interruptions.

Equipment deliveries, set up, sound checks, etc, must be coordinated with HUB Events Staff and should be designed for minimal impact to the general daily use of the Plaza. 

Upper Mall furniture may be used "as is” for events.  Events that require the full removal of the mall furniture are only permitted on Saturdays.  Furniture will be removed Friday night and returned Sunday.  Limited furniture movement or removal is possible for weeknight events.    Furniture may not be moved by event organizers.  Hourly set up rates apply.

Catering as part of the event is permitted in the plaza including light cooking and BBQs.  The concrete must be protected from food and grease spills under all cooking areas.

Use of the Recreation Facilities

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) facilities and grounds is managed directly by the SRC. For more information, please click here.

Reserving the Lake House at Big Bear.

Use of the Housing, Dining & Residential Services Buildings, Rooms, and Grounds

For more information, please visit the Conferences, Events & Catering Services office at hospitality.ucr.edu 



Campus Policies on Posting


University Posting Policy

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